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Winner of 2016 Webby for health, Eve by Glow is a savvy health & sex app and period tracker for women who want to take control of their sex lives. Eve helps women figure out birth control & contraception, ovulation & fertility, PMS, menstrual cycle symptoms, and health trends over time. The only tracker that addresses sexual, menstrual, and reproductive health all-in-one, Eve is comprehensive for sex positive girls who want to own their menstrual cycles and feel good in bed. Get it, girl.SEX & HEALTH UNLOCKED+ Keep track of sex, moods & PMS symptoms.+ Quick, elegant logging at any time of day or night.+ See your health data and PMS symptoms visualized in beautiful charts.+ Identify trends and patterns unique to your body.+ Daily gem delivers insights, cyclescopes, quizzes, and fascinating women’s health topics every day.
INTERACTIVE PERIOD & CYCLE TRACKING+ Fast, fun period tracker+ Forecast your ovulation and fertility with period tracker predictions that get smarter over time.+ Review past periods, menstrual cycles, PMS symptoms and ovulation dates. Girl, it’s time to better understand your cycle & fertility!+ Calendar views on period tracker show your next fertile window, ovulation day, upcoming period.
EPIC COMMUNITY+ Community forum provides an extended friend group of girls down to discuss sex, PMS, and other women’s health topics.+ Trusted information about birth control & sex, powered by Bedsider.+ Ask the community anything--nothing is off limits! Girl Power!+ Learn from other women who have been there before.
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If you are having technical issues or have any questions about your cycle or period, we're here to help. Please send us an email to: [email protected]