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FoxFi AddOn provides some optional features to the FoxFi application. *FoxFi enables free WiFi Tether on your phone without rooting or a tether plan. Sprint and AT&T have removed FoxFi from Android Play Store. So if you could not find FoxFi in Play Store then please install or upgrade FoxFi from, or scan the QR code in the third screenshot.
This version of FoxFi AddOn implements 1. Notifications of WiFi client connections. 2. A Web Proxy server on the phone that can be used to hide tether usage. 3. Debug log sending.
This FoxFi AddOn app is completely optional. Depending on which phone and carrier you have, it may or may not produce any benefit for FoxFi usage.
Once installed, use the menu in FoxFi to access AddOn features. Requires FoxFi version 1.90 or above.