UPS Mobile

UPS Mobile Świetna aplikacja, z Google Inc.

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Easily manage shipments on the go with the UPS Mobile app.· Track and nickname shipments· Create shipping labels· Find UPS service locations· Estimate shipment costs and delivery timesMake Home Delivery Quick and Easy with UPS My Choice®Sign up for UPS My Choice in the app—it’s free and easy. UPS My Choice sends delivery alerts right to your mobile device, letting you plan your schedule and make changes to shipments going to your home no matter where you are. With UPS My Choice on the UPS mobile app you can:· Get delivery alerts letting you know when your package will arrive· Have your packages delivered somewhere else, like a friend’s house, or delivered on a different date that’s more convenient for you· Authorize your driver to leave packages at your home without a signature.· Track packages without tracking numbers as incoming deliveries are automatically added to your app’s Delivery Planner list
Even if you don’t log in, you can:· Track packages and freight shipments· Save up to 5 tracking numbers in your tracking list· Find and quickly filter UPS service locations· Get a quote on shipment costs and transit times
The UPS app requires access to the following services:
· IDENTITY/ READ GOOGLE SERVICE CONFIGURATION/PREVENT APP FROM SLEEPING CONTROLS: These are needed to send push notifications.· LOCATION: This is needed to send the geographic information you request.· CAMERA/FLASHLIGHT AND VIBRATION CONTROLS: These controls are needed so you can scan the UPS barcode/ QR Code to track packages. · PHOTOS/MEDIA/FILES: This is needed so you can post videos (created either in the app or stored on your device) to our Facebook page. · USB STORAGE PERMISSIONS: This is needed so you can store/delete/modify videos created in the app.· FULL NETWORK ACCESS: This is needed to access the internet.· We use Facebook permissions (i.e., your public profile info, email, Friends list, publish actions, upload video) so you can log into the app using your Facebook credentials, share the app with your Facebook friends, or send invites through Facebook.