Premium License for PICASATOOL

Premium License for PICASATOOL Świetna aplikacja, z Kuffs

data wydania just now 1.1.2 wersja.
This App doesn't work alone. It works with "Tool for Picasa, Google+ Photo" free app. Please install that App with this license app!PicasaTool will detect this License App and activate itself with premium features as below:
■ No Advs any more, have a clean interface.■ Download photos in original size.■ Unlimited offline albums.■ Moving photos from one album to another easily.■ Slide show for both online and offline albums.■ More Slide show effects (Push, Fading).■ Play videos online.■ Set default landing tab in settings.■ More photo editing features enabled.■ More resize options.■ Upload any video (>30 seconds, but <100 MB - Google API limitation)■ Offline albums are visible in Gallery, QuickPic apps.
Check for help, if you have any other question/issue, please do not hesitate to send mail to [email protected]! We'll help you get fixed ASAP :-)
NOTE!!- Go to PicasaTool "License" screen to check license activation. If Erorr 023 prompts, try uninstall/reinstall license app and try again.- Or EXIT(use 'Back' key) and RE-LAUNCH PicasaTool to get it activated automatically. (REBOOT the phone if required)
Online help for key-------
**Please KEEP license app installed, otherwise the premium features will be deactivated automatically.**
You don't need a key text to enter, the apk is the key.