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Quran app is a concentrate of the best quran reciters in the world, an amazing user interface design and the best set of features.Quran app is a FREE without any limitation.
● World famous reciters including Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, Sheikh Mishary Rashid Alafasy, Cheikh Saad al Ghamedi. and more.● English translations and many other language translations ● Option to display any translation along with full Arabic text in hi-resolution
With Quran app you can also:
+ Read the Holy Quran in Arabic alongside its translation ( French, English or even have explanation and meaning)+ Bookmark your favorites surat and reciters+ Download recitations to listen offline+ Download all or one by one surat+ Download recitations of more than 23 reciters+ Share with your family and friends+ Quranic Supplications+ Duaa+ Rouqaya + Repeat and shuffle functions are included+ Play audio in the background while you're using your Android Device
- Quran CallerID feature for unknown number identification. This feature will show Call information during/after calls and you can fully adjust it to your preferences. Enable / disable or configure the CallerID at any time in the settings menu.
The app has been:
+ Redesigned : now faster, simpler, snappier UI, and more beautiful. + Optimized for HD display
- The application requires an internet connection with WiFi or 3G for use in case you have not download surat.
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