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This is a great Pokedex app for your Pokemon experience.You can look up:- Pokemon- Moves- Abilities- Types- Locations
It contains data from gen1 up to gen6 including Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
IMPORTANT:This app DOES NOT contain ANY picure of ANY Pokemon! But you can use the import feature!
Multi language (Auto-Detected): - English - French (data only!) - German - Italian (data only!) - Spanish (data only!) - Japanese (data only!) - Korean (data only!)
Detailed Pages showing informations about:Pokemon: = Moves = Encounters = Evolutions = Alternative Forms - Types - Size - Weight - Color - Generation - Type Efficacy (offensive and defensive) - Pokemon Abilities - Translations - Dex numbers - Base Stats - Catch Rate - Base Experience - Ingame Descriptions
Moves: = Pokemon - Type - Category - PP - Generation - Power - Accuracy - Targets - Type Efficacy (offensive and defensive) - Ingame Description
Locations: = Encounters - Region - Translations
Abilities: = Pokemon - Generation - Ingame Description - Translations
Required PermissionsREAD_EXTERNAL_STORAGEThe app needs this permission to load pictures from your selected folder to show as images.
WAKE_LOCKKeep the screen active if you want to
NFCSend the current screen to your friend
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