Boats for Voat (donation)

Boats for Voat (donation) Świetna aplikacja, z

data wydania just now wersja.
DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own, this is a third party client that I made for Voat.coThis is the same as the free version except you would be helping the development of the app by buying it !
This is an app to browse Voat. It has complete basic functionality: login, inbox, comment, vote, etc.
I plan on investing a lot more time on this app, I'll try to listen to users feedback and gradually improve and implement missing features.Please suggest new ideas on /v/boats or via email
Features:- Complete basic functionality, login, comment, vote, subscribe, subverse sidebar, user basic info- Gallery mode to browser photos- White, Dark and AMOLED themes. (User requested)- Left-handed mode. (User requested)- Download/share images in browser.- Sort hot/new/top all/ top year/ top month/ etc- Disable loading of thumbnails to conserve data. (User requested)
Permissions:- Read/Write permission: This is only needed to be able to save images on the device from the built-in browser.
For people who don't know what Voat is a website that's similar to Reddit, but a lot of people prefer it because of a few reasons:- It promises no censorship- It has a nice small community (for now!)- The website interface is a lot more feature-rich compared to Reddit without using browser plugins.
Happy voating =)